The White House throws its hat into home brewing.

The White House throws its hat into home brewing.

White House beer recipes released.

I think I’ve found what I’ll be brewing shortly.  I’ve recently learned that the White House has delved into the home brewing realm with White House Honey Brown Ale and White House Honey Porter.  Still, even better than that, the White House has released the recipes for both.Go to the White House blog to find both recipes as well as an interesting video about how the White House brews. You will find it interesting (I sure did) that they brew using much the same equipment as we “common” home brewers use. 

My intention is to brew the White House Honey Brown Ale first.  The exception being, of course, is that I will be using a brand of honey that we buy at the store and not honey made on the White House property.  In all honesty, I’m curious how the White House Honey Brown Ale compares with my Frisky Hamster Honey Brown. 

I’m aware that I am somewhat biased but, my Frisky Hamster is going to be pretty hard to measure up to.  After I brew a batch as per the recipe from the White House I will most likely modify it somewhat to see if I can make it better. 

I had a friend say that President Obama is obviously pandering to the home brewer vote.  Obviously, that statement was meant as a joke but it’s still pretty funny.  Some trivia that you may find interesting (and you can learn from the White House blog) is that beer has never been brewed in the White House before.  Whether you're Democrat or Republican, I think that we all can agree that having a home brewer in the White House is pretty cool.