The Belgian Beer Weekend

The Belgian Beer Weekend

Hundreds of the best beers in the world, all in one place


For the last 14 years, the city of Brussels, capital of Belgium, has hosted one of the premiere Belgian beer experiences in the world.  The Belgian Beer Weekend takes place during the first weekend of September of each year and brings together hundreds of amazing brews from a country that is renowned for producing some of the tastiest beers in the world.

From large to small, every Belgian brewery gets in on this event.  More than 50 different breweries show up each year, featuring more than 350 varieties of beer.  Each brings their best to show off at one or more of the three venues at which the event takes place. 

The whole thing begins with the Brewer’s Parade - a procession of old brewery carts and wagons that demonstrates the rich history that brewing has in the country.  From there, attendees move on to the mass drinking that is the main focus.

There are classic beer tents for those that wish to get a taste or two of some of these brews as well as more refined events for the beer snob in all of us.  One venue features a mixture of beer samplers with gourmet appetizers, highlighting the balance that beer can achieve with food when one knows what brews to choose.  All transactions are done with tokens that you purchase ahead of time, for the convenience of both attendees and staff.  But even though the beer tents close each night, the party doesn’t stop there.  People then filter into one of the many bars in the city and continue the party until morning.

Belgium is known for its superior beers and the Belgian Beer Weekend is the perfect chance to get a taste of many of them all in one place.  You can also learn more about the breweries that make them or talk to one of the brewers present, who are usually all-too-happy to share their decades of knowledge.

All this is celebrated right in the middle of the amazing architectural landscape of Brussels, home to hundreds of years of history.  So before the event starts, or after you’ve managed to sober up, you can explore the city, making early September a great time for beer lovers to vacation in Belgium.