Stone Brewing Company

Stone Brewing Company

Stone Smoked Porter

I was on a beer diet recently. The diet worked, but it didn’t make my taste buds happy; I drank a lot of lagers because of their low-calorie content. Here’s a simple, but extremely useful formula I devised to show the results of my taste tests for those who are more mathematically inclined. 


a = b


The formula is not meant to confuse fans of the Pythagorian theorem, which I believe is a squared + b squared = c squared and meant to describe triangles and not fine beers. I am not here to argue with mathematicians. Instead, I’m here to express myself in terms that more people can understand. For those who are into words, like me, I have inserted a few of my opinions. You can choose to read them or not. 


Lagers = Low Calorie un-Delicious Beer


 If memory serves me correctly, Lucky was a lager, as was Schlitz. My beer diet pretty much dated me back to my college drinking choices. But I’ve quit my beer diet forever. My new habit that I intend to start is to drink good premium beers and wines to make my mouth happy. 


Today’s beer choice was the Stone Smoked Porter. 


Stone Smoked Porter = Delicious


The Stone Smoked Porter was a little big taste of delicious in my mouth. I like chocolate chip cookies, so I selected the Vanilla Bean-flavored variety as my option. For a Porter, the Stone Smoked Porter is exceptionally light-tasting. The hint of vanilla is ever-so-light, but ever-so-present. 


Those expecting the Stone Smoked Porter to taste like chocolate-chip cookies might be a little disappointed. Although I like chocolate chip cookies, I like beer, too and the Stone Smoked Porter tasted much more like a Porter that was slightly smoked than anything cooked with vanilla. That does not mean that it would not pair nicely with chocolate chip cookies or even holiday cookies since the season happens to be upon us. 


The hard part, of course, is that the porters have a higher calorie count. What’s a girl to do? Can I limit myself to two porters? Does anyone even know how many calories the Stone Porter has? I don’t want to get obese just because of my new passion for the Stone Smoked Porter. 


Please help me. And if you have other beer suggestions for me to try and blog about, please let me know. The Lucky Lager diet almost killed me.