Stockholm’s Beer and Whisky Festival

Stockholm’s Beer and Whisky Festival

Thousands of different varieties of beer, whisky and spirits all in one place


The capital of Sweden, Stockholm has the honor of being home to one of the world’s largest and most prestigious drink-oriented events.  It’s the Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival, a celebration of Sweden’s growing passion with the two drinks.  Many don’t know, but Sweden is quickly increasing their numbers of distilleries and breweries and is likely to be taking the beer and whisky world by storm in the near future.  This festival gives one the opportunity to check out all these drinks early and in one location.

The festival takes place in two giant halls over the course of two weekends.  Tens-of-thousands of people show up each year to sample an average of more than 15,000 different types of beer, whisky and other spirits.  Though whisky and beer are certainly the highlight of the event, there is also the opportunity to sample many offerings of cognac, champagne, cider and more.

The beer selection is like a dream come true.  There are craft beers from all over the world, many of which most people have never even heard of but plenty that are widely known.  There are fine whiskies of both local and international origins.  The best of the best is brought together under two roofs and one would find themselves hard-pressed to sample everything that the festival has on tap, even if attending every day of both weekends.  These masterpieces of alcohol are served up by experts in their respective fields.  They can let a visitor know anything they would want to about the brand and about the industry in general.  They’re also usually willing to talk the trade with you if you have the time to listen.

In addition, the festival has all the other offerings one would expect from an event of this type.  There are tasting events for both experts and beginners, seminars to teach more about the many aspects of these drinks, live music throughout the festival and lots of food from all over the world.

Both experts trying to deepen their knowledge and beginners just starting their journey will find something to learn here.  Unfortunately, next year’s festival is still a ways away, being held during the weekends of September 29th to October 8th.  For those looking to expand their knowledge of beer, whisky and other alcohols, this festival is a must.