Montreal’s Modial de la Biere

Montreal’s Modial de la Biere

What may be the most important international beer festival in North America.

If you listen to the hype, the Modial de la Biere, or “World of Beer” in Montreal is the most important international beer festival across all of North America.  This grand festival celebrating beer of all types and from all origins takes place at Windsor Station and Courtyard - a shut down railway station - each year during late May and early June.


At the Modial de la Biere, one will find the best brews from all over the world and plenty of them.  There is a seemingly endless variety of beer to try, some countries offering literally hundreds of different options.  In addition, there are education programs for those that want to learn more. 

There are brewers’ conferences, classes to teach people all about the many aspects of beer and brewing and workshops that show people how to do anything from properly judging beer to what brew goes the best with what foods.  This festival is set up to benefit both the hardcore connoisseur that knows most of it already and the amateur just getting their feet wet in the world of quality beers. 

It’s free to get into the festival, but the drinking can get a little pricey.  They charge $1 for each coupon and every three-to-four-ounce tasting can cost anywhere from two to six tickets.  Paying six bucks for a tiny taste may not be everyone’s idea of a good party, but considering the variety it can be a good way to try many beers in a short period of time.

This year the Modial de la Biere runs from Wednesday, May 29th to Saturday, June 2nd.  If you want to get a feel for some of the best beers from all over the world, this is a good place to start on any beer-lover’s journey.