Latvia Beerfest

Latvia Beerfest

Three days of enjoying cold brews in the “Paris of the East”

For those that happen to be traveling the Baltic region this summer, there’s a drinking festival that you might not want to miss.  It’s the Latvia Beerfest and it is three days of beer, music and entertainment during the warm summer in this under appreciated country.  It takes place in late May of every year, this time falling from the 24th to the 26th.

The host of this fun festival is the country’s capital of Riga, a city considered so beautiful that it is often referred to as the “Paris of the East.”  The festival itself takes place in the center of the city, in the Vermanes Garden, a picturesque and beautiful park.  This event has only been going on for a short time, but it is already bringing in more than 20,000 people on some days and keeps expanding.  The organizers, dedicated to making it bigger and better every year, do their best to keep up with the demand by providing more beer and more activities.

First and foremost, the festival has its beer.  More than 50 different brews are available.  Many of them are Latvian creations, but they bring in the best of some foreign beers as well.  In one special tent, a blind tasting event takes place.  This contest pits 16 of the festival’s best against each other and lets the guests be the judges.

In addition to the drinking, each day is filled with live music concerts.  Mostly the music is of the rock, pop or country variety and performed by some of the best musicians that Latvia has to offer.  Other entertainment consists of various strong man competitions, games for adults and kids and several other contests.  And, naturally, there is plenty of food to enjoy, put together by some of the best chefs both local and foreign.

If you’re passing through in May, stop by and spend a day or two at the Latvia Beerfest and try a good sampling of what Latvia brews up.  When you’re done drinking for the day, don’t neglect taking a look around the city itself and exploring the beauty that has people comparing it to Paris.