Hastings Beer and Music Festival

Hastings Beer and Music Festival

A local event dedicated to showcasing the best of the Hastings region.

One city in England has taken it upon themselves to organize a festival that is focused right at the heart of their local culture.  The Hastings Beer and Music Festival is a celebration of two things that make the world a better place to live and this city makes sure that you know that everything they have to offer is home-grown.  Taking place in July of this year, the festival will have four sessions taking place over the course of its two day run.

The first festival started up small in 1981, but has grown in popularity over the years.  Now, many people from the surrounding regions come to take part and the city sees more than 10,000 visitors during the event.  As the festival has grown, the organizers’ commitment to making it better each year has grown along with it.

Visitors to the Hastings Beer and Music Festival can expect to find plenty of beers on tap, almost all locally produced.  There is also a fair selection of ciders and wine, again mostly local.  Food is another big part, as the city showcases regional dishes done up by its local chefs.  And to highlight the music part of the festival, local bands come in to perform, some of them names that have made themselves famous over the years and return to help out.

All the revenue from this event goes to charity, so you can eat and drink until you’re near to bursting and not feel guilty because it’s in the name of a good cause.  The Hastings Beer and Music Festival is a great way to enjoy the local character of Hastings as well as partake of some delicious food and drink.  If you want to see England, make sure to stop through and check out the celebration and all it has to offer.