The Cape Town Festival of Beer

The Cape Town Festival of Beer

The largest beer festival in the southern hemisphere and the perfect excuse to visit South Africa.

Cape Town Festival of Beer is a celebration that takes place at the end of each November in Green Point, Cape Town, South Africa.  And while this year’s event is right now passing you by, it happens annually, so there’s always a chance to get down there sometime in the future. 

Cape Town’s festival happens to hold the distinction of being the largest beer festival in South Africa and, in fact, the entirety of the southern hemisphere.  Getting down to this amazingly beautiful country can let you combine a vacation with three days of drinking and, like all combinations of beer and relaxation, makes for a great getaway.


During the event, more than 150 varieties of beer will be available for you to sample.  They come from around 50 different breweries, both local and international, and the selection includes some limited edition brews that are put together specifically for the festival and thus can be found nowhere else.

In addition to the drinking are the prerequisite piles of food, plenty of music and, unique perhaps to this South African beer event, rugby matches.  That could have something to do with the country’s love of rugby, or it could be because the festival takes place at a rugby club - who knows?  There are also raffles, a foosball tournament, beer judging competitions and a market to buy all your much-needed beer merchandise.  There is even a child-specific entertainment area with staff available to watch your kids for a bit while you go out and partake in a more “adult” manner.

One thing that makes the Cape Town event perfect for those new to beer festivals is that they offer guided tours.  They make sure that those new to the festival get the best experience, introducing them to the brewers, letting them try a wide variety of beers and even allowing their charges to take part in some blind tastings.

If you happen to have some time free in November, take a jaunt down to South Africa and enjoy both the country and the plethora of drink.  If you’re travelling in a big group, check out some of the available packages to save some cash and get access to some of the more privileged events.