Canberra Craft Beer Festival

Canberra Craft Beer Festival

A smaller tasting event on the southeastern coast of Australia

Those traveling in the Southeastern region of Australia come this April may find it worth their while to take some time out and stop by for an Australian celebration of quality craft beers.  The Canberra Craft Beer Festival, taking place in none-other-than Canberra, is a fairly new April tradition that looks like it may be sticking around for some time.

Previously known as the National Capital Craft Beer Festival, this event was first organized in 2008.  It was put together by the Schwartz Family Company, a group of folks dedicated to supporting the craft beer industry and bringing the wonderful taste of independently manufactured brews to the public.

Nowadays, more than 17 breweries arrive each year to show off what they have to offer.  They bring around 80 beers and ciders in total - not the biggest selection you’ll find at a craft beer event, but plenty enough to keep you satisfied throughout the day.

In addition to the drinking mainstay, there are other things to take part in while at the Canberra festival.  Live local bands perform all day and guest speakers step up to inform audiences on many details of the industry.  There are some educational events, such as beer and food matching workshops, and some “sporting” events, such as the Brewers Table Tennis Championship.  There’s even some stuff for the kids to do while the adults refill their tasting cups.

This year the festival takes place on April 13th and it’s relatively cheap.  It will only cost you $35 at the door (or $25 in advance) and you receive 10 tasting tickets along with your souvenir tasting cup.  Additional tasting tickets run $1 each.  And everything at Canberra Craft Beer Festival is done in the name of charity, helping a children’s cancer research center, so you can feel good about spending your money to imbibe.