Bangkok’s Thai Beer Festival

Bangkok’s Thai Beer Festival

Thai food and plenty of beer for more than two months - is there anything better?

The Thai Beer Festival is more than just your standard collection of tents and drinking halls, serving out a variety of beer for people to enjoy while they visit.  It’s a huge event that takes place all over the country, though the biggest and the best is by far the event in Bangkok.  Some think of it as the Thai equivalent of the German Oktoberfest and it’s even acquired the name of Novemberfest to solidify this connection.  Starting out in late October, the festival continues all through November and December and into mid-January.

All sorts of places in the city celebrate this festival by offering their own drinking tables.  Malls, the middle of streets and more each host their own part of the event.  There are a plethora of beer gardens, though the best location is definitely right in front of Bangkok’s World Trade Center.  The event has become so popular over the years that it attracts thousands of people daily and even draws in many celebrities.

When you attend the Thai Beer Festival, you’ll have the opportunity to try beers from all over the world.  There are plenty of Thai breweries bringing what they have to offer to the festival, as well as countless brands of more well-known beer coming in from other countries.  One of the fun and informal events that takes place during the festival are the beer games, whereby people use unique methods to down their beer, racing on to the next.  Perhaps not the best way to enjoy a brew, but certainly a good way to throw a party.

In addition to the drinking, visitors can find several things to occupy their time.  There is live entertainment at many of the drinking venues, including dancing, music, light shows, cultural performances and, of course, a massive amount of amazing Thai food.  In fact, aside from the beer, the food is the biggest focus of the festival and those that come for the beer can also expect some seriously good eating.

If you’re a lover of beer, the Thai Beer Festival is a great place to be.  If you happen to be a lover of both beer and Thai food, there’s no place better on the planet to go to enjoy the best of both.  It is a celebration of beer and food like few others and its popularity attests to its greatness.